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"Unlike any other subject… philosophy asks you to accept doubt and uncertainty, and search beyond the narrow confines of accepted opinion. You are left free to make your own contributions and reveal your own insights. These are the key ingredients of a genuine voyage of discovery."

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Whenever we study a subject for the first time we need a book that is clear and interesting, from which it is easy to learn. Philosophy is all of those things.

Philosophy, Bryan Greetham
Published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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(2006) ISBN: 1403918783

Written in a clear, lucid style Philosophy will capture and hold your imagination. It helps you not only to understand the ideas, but to process them so you can make them you own, and recall and use them confidently.Philosophy by Bryan Greetham (book cover) Each chapter has note structures to guide you as you read. Conceptual time lines show you how philosophers and movements in ideas interrelate. And fascinating insights into the lives and ideas of philosophers enrich and deepen your understanding.

For the teacher the book is broken down into manageable units with exercises, questions and suggested reading at the end of each chapter, making it easier to design courses around it. In the companion website there is a wealth of material designed to make the teaching of the subject more effective, including questions, exercises, tables and diagrams all of which can be downloaded and used in your teaching.

Incorporating traditional, non-traditional, continental and feminist philosophy, features include:

  • key issues outlined at the start of each chapter
  •  ‘brief lives’ and biographies giving succinct information on prominent philosophers
  • conceptual time lines showing how different philosophers and movements in ideas are interrelated
  • questions to stimulate discussion, suggestions for further reading and a full glossary
  • a companion website – - providing additional material including clearly structured notes of each chapter to help you process ideas effectively and essay plans for many of the typical questions set in examinations
  • it can be broken down into manageable course units, making it easy for teachers to design their courses around it
  • it is written in a style that is accessible, engaging and doesn’t patronize the reader
  • it teaches students not just the content of philosophy, but the method – how to philosophize
  • it integrates the history, people and problems of philosophy making it an absorbing read

This engaging book is the most comprehensive introduction to be found in one volume. But Philosophy is not just an introduction to the content of the subject: step by step it also teaches you the method – how to philosophize. This you will see illustrated in the lives and ideas of philosophers: how they defined the problems and set about solving them.

Philosophy is an exciting and captivating subject, posing questions about the most fundamental issues that shape our lives. Although it often appears to be a difficult subject with complex concepts and arguments, this book offers you a clear and accessible way to explore the philosophical landscape with simple and effective ways to develop both your understanding and confidence.

Comments by reviewers

‘It is a project rarely attempted now, in fact I cannot think of another example of an introductory text to philosophy that comes anywhere close to the author’s seam-burstingly broad treatment of the subject.  Everything is here, from Carnap to Kierkegaard.  Even post-modernism gets a look in.’ – Dr Geoffrey Klempner, University of Sheffield

‘It’s a book I would have very much wished to have had when I first studied philosophy.  It is consistently engaging and lucid.  It never patronises the reader…It is historically informed without being a history of philosophy, and it covers a lot of philosophical ground.  This is really a remarkable achievement for a lone author.’  Students will ‘… encounter a fine illustration of what it is like to do philosophy, rather than just describe and summarise it.’ Dr Damian Cox, Bond University, Australia

‘Dr Greetham does an excellent job integrating interest in the history, problems and people that constitute philosophy.’ – Chris Ciocchetti, Assistant Professor, Centenary College, USA